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"Our primary motivation in creating our program was to insure that everyone who uses a firearm as part of their career or for home defense has the training necessary to save their lives with that weapon."

                    Mark Schraer


Mark Schraer

Mark Schraer is the co-founder and lead firearms instructor for Blackrock Firearms Training.

In addition to his position with Blackrock , Mark serves as a Staff Instructor for the National Rifle Association’s Law Enforcement Division.  Mark has the privilege of teaching instructor-level courses around the country to law enforcement, military and security personnel.

Mark is certified as a law enforcement instructor from both the California Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) and the National Rifle Association's Law Enforcement Division. Mark is certified to teach Handgun, Shotgun, Tactical Shotgun, Patrol Rifle and Tactical Shooting.

Mark served as a member of the Fairfield, CA Police Department for over 25 years. Mark served in a variety of assignments as a police officer and sergeant. This included thirteen years as a member of his department’s SWAT Team, serving as an operator, team leader and lead firearms instructor.

Mark Schraer has served as a law enforcement instructor for over two-decades. Mark spent twelve years as both a defensive tactics and impact weapons instructor. In this capacity, Mark co-developed a training program focused on increasing an officer’s ability to prevail against an assault. The program also added a number of training elements to decrease the likelihood of an assault occurring.  

In 1994, Mark became a law enforcement firearms instructor. Mark immediately applied many of the same principles used in fighting systems toward his agency’s firearms program. Mark studied how police officers were most often murdered and developed training courses centered on the facts from these studies.  Eventually, these efforts lead to Mark developing a firearms training program in which officers were taught, and expected to master, the specific skills necessary to prevail in even the most challenging fights. The program that Mark developed was eventually used as a model for both Instructor and Academy level firearms training courses offered through the Napa Valley Law Enforcement Training Center. 

Mark has authored a number of articles which have appeared in the NTOA’s “Tactical Edge”, California Peace Officer, and the National Rifle Association’s Law Enforcement Quarterly. Mark was recently selected as a guest writer for

Rick Leonardini

Rick-PhotoRick Leonardini is the co-founder and lead consultant for Blackrock Firearms Training.

Rick spent 23 years with the Fairfield Police Department. He served in numerous assignments and ranks before retiring in May, 2011. His supervisory and management assignments included Personnel and Training Sergeant, Lieutenant of the Special Operations Division, and Captain in command of both the Bureau of Field Operations and Bureau of Support Services.

Rick was a sixteen year member of his agency’s SWAT Team and attended a number of operator and instructor-level courses for the weaponry employed by his tactical team. He served as an operator, team leader and eventually rose to the position of Assistant Commander of the SWAT Team until his promotion to Captain in 2004. As Captain he implemented and commanded the Emergency Services Unit which encompassed SWAT, Mobile Field Force, Hostage Negotiating team and the Terrorism Liaison Officers.

Rick served as the agency’s lead firearms instructor as well as the lead firearms instructor for the SWAT Team. As the Personnel and Training Sergeant, he also served for a number of years as his agency’s rangemaster and was the driving force in the development of the first Active Shooter course in the region. Rick served as the lead instructor for a number of well received Active Shooter courses.

In 2001, Rick assumed responsibility for the Special Operations Division. Since this Division included Personnel and Training, Rick remained active in determining the training plan for the department. Rick was instrumental in implementing a new and highly effective firearms training curriculum and took on the role of project manager for the construction of the department’s 30,000 square-foot training facility. This multi-year project resulted in a state of the art indoor facility which includes a 25-yard indoor pistol range, 100-yard indoor rifle range; defensive tactics mat room, three driving simulators and interactive force option simulator.

Captain Leonardini’s service as both a firearms instructor and second in command of a law enforcement agency provided him a unique insight into the training requirements, management responsibilities and financial constraints of a successful law enforcement training program. Rick has a proven life-long commitment to training and the law enforcement profession through his training and administrative efforts. Rick’s commitment to law enforcement training continues today through his efforts with Blackrock Firearms Training.


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